NOVA Woodsurfer™ Bowl Rest

NOVA Woodsurfer™ Bowl Rest
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Made from high quality cast iron, the Woodsurfer™ is the perfect companion to the large bowl capacities on both the NOVA 1624 and the NOVA XP DVR lathes.

Features and benefits

  • Dependable Performance. Solid cast iron upper section, CAD designed and tested for optimum strength. The NOVA Woodsurfer Bowl Rest is cast from a high grade cast iron with solid section thickness and CAD generated gussets at critical points., designed to withstand extremely high stresses with practically no distortion
  • Sturdy enough to cope with the big bowl turning capacity the NOVA 1624 & DVR XP has – 29” bowls (with optional outrigger accessory)
  • Designed Specifically for Bowl Turning. CAD designed and thoroughly user tested , the curved shape optimises performance of the chisel when turning bowls.
  • Solid 1”/25mm Shank. Provides a rock solid platform for turning. Industry standard 1”/25mm shank means that the NOVA Woodsurfer™ Bowl Rest will fit other lathes.

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