NOVA Sharpening Centre

NOVA Sharpening Centre
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The NOVA Sharpening Centre combines the slideway grinding jig and the powerful finger grind jig into one versatile sharpening tool.

It utilizes a sturdy platform and a unique sliding base to achieve the ultimate in sharpening. This system turns your standard bench grinder into a precision sharpening machine. The slideway is also used to precision dress the grinding wheel essential for perfect grinding results.

See an overview of the system in action by clicking here or the link at the right.

Features and Benefits

  • Precision sharpening with controlled slideway - The benefits and precision of a grinding machine at your bench grinder from precision dressing of the wheel to the finest grinds. ( dresser not included as standard).

  • Finger Grind attachment included as standard equipment, capacity for large chisels up to 1” .  Nova have paid particular attention to its design it is light weight so that it feels like an extension of your hand enabling the feel and control that only the hand can impart.

  • True track ball and socket the finger grinder end guide is a true ball fitting into a mating socket for precise grinding with no transition marks.

  • Quick positive locking - very easy to adjust

  • Precise angle setting - notched with handy scales throughout, to quickly find your favourite grinds.

  • Easy removal and reassembly top plate for different types of sharpening.

  • Easy precision wheel dressing. In designing the system we recognized that the condition of the grinding wheel is one of the most important elements to perfect grinds , the slideway makes dressing easy , the wheel is perfectly parallel and flat , most other systems rely on hand dressing , this is like Woodturning with a blunt chisel and expecting great turning results.

  • System is easy to customize and accessorize, in common with the usual Nova design intent we strive for an open system making it easy for the owner to customize.

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