NOVA Lathe Swing Away Unit

NOVA Lathe Swing Away Unit
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It enables the user to quickly and easily swing away extra bed lengths and/or the tailstock of the lathe if not in use.

Made from high quality cast iron, this is the perfect companion to both the NOVA 1624 and the NOVA DVR XP lathes and Bed Extensions, enabling the user to very quickly swing away extra bed extensions and bring them back to position as needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Space Saving. Attach an extra bed extension accessory to your NOVA lathe (1624 or DVR XP) for longer projects, use the Swing Away Accessory to swing the extra bed piece out of the way when not required. Saves you space when you are not needing the extra capacity, without having to remove the extra bed length.
  • Easy to Swing Away. Simply move the tailstock to the end of the lathe bed, and then swing the bed and tailstock away to allow full access to the NOVA lathe headstock. Really useful for some operations like deep hollowing of vases.
  • Perfect accessory for bowl turners. Bowl turners in particular often struggle with tailstocks - essential for some operations they can get in the way for others! While NOVA lathes have a fantastic full swivel headstock, sometimes you need to have your lathe head aligned along the bed. This attachment allows you to quickly and easily move your tailstock out of the way without needing to remove it from the lathe altogether, or worry about getting the heavy tailstock back on!
  • Dependable Performance. Solid cast iron, CAD designed and tested for optimum strength. The pieces are cast from a high grade cast iron with solid section thickness, designed to withstand extremely high stresses with practically no distortion.
  • Great permanent addition to your NOVA lathe. Saves time when using extra bed extension, easily swing away the bed/tailstock when not in use. No need to keep mounting and un-mounting your extra bed extension and/or tailstock.
  • 2-Year Warranty.
  • Instructions and fasteners included.

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