NOVA Finger Grind Jig

NOVA Finger Grind Jig
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Includes ex
truded aluminium base with a quick cam lock release via a comfortable rubber handle. Other brands don't include a base which is an additional cost. With NOVA you get great value with the base included!

Features and Benefits

  • Superior locking mechanism
  • Extruded aluminium base, not plate steel or welded
  • Most versatile finger grind arm on the market
  • Finger grind clamp with enormous capacity available for large chisels up to 1"
  • Quickly retouch bevel edge
  • Strong but lightweight aluminimum platform unit offers set guide angles for simple, easy grinding
  • Ability to replicate the tool bevels with ease and simplicty
  • Grings perfect bevel on deep and shallow gouges, roughing gouges, and skews and scrapers. 
  • Hollow ground bevel offers the ability to hone the edge with ease, and create amazing sharpness.
  • 2-Year Warranty


Watch Video of the Finger Grind Jig and the NOVA Versaturn Grinding Wheel Accessory HERE 

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