NOVA Dovetail Chisel

NOVA Dovetail Chisel
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This chisel ensures a dovetail with a sharp, clean edge to match up exactly to the dovetail contour of Nova Jaws, to give the maximum holding power for your chuck. The Nova Dovetail Chisel is the best tool to cut accurate, fast dovetails for mounting bowls to the chuck.


Features & Benefits


  • Handy NOVA Chuck Accessory. An accurate and clean dovetail recess is essential for strongest grip and proper location of your bowl on the chuck. This purpose designed scraping tool, quickly and easily makes the dovetail recess to match popular NOVA chuck jaws for the chucking of a bowl. The small size and easily controlled scraping cut, makes it very fast to form professional dovetails – especially for beginning turners.

  • Although a variety of other chisels can be used, none have the dedicated shape to easily form the dovetail and they are much more difficult to use for this purpose. This often results in poor dovetail form with an uneven base. A poor dovetail form can lead to problems with proper seating of the jaws with the bowl dovetail and a less satisfactory and less accurate grip.

  • Dependable Performance. Made from hard wearing H2 High Speed Steel, hardened for sharp cutting and demanding turning conditions.

  • Scaled. Handy mark out scale which can be used as a guide to mark out the diameter you want to cut your dovetail to.

  • Pre-sharpened. Turner only has to maintain the bevel edge.

  • 2-Year Warranty.

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