NOVA 25mm (1") Jaw Set

NOVA 25mm (1") Jaw Set
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Designed for small bowl (expanding dovetail mounting up to 6" dia) and small spigot (contracting mode) free end turning work (up to 5" long). Idea for mini/midi lathe gripping work below size that can be handled by the Standard 50mm Jaws.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Quick and easy to use for small bowls and small unsupported spigot work
  • A great range of smaller projects can be mounted and turned using either the expansion mode (mostly for bowls) or the contraction mode (mostly for spigots)
  • Quick mounting makes them ideal for smaller projects
  • Multiple turned pieces (i.e. lace bobbins) can be turned from dowel stock
  • Made from medium tensile carbon K1045 steel to provide maximum structural strength.
  • Standard Woodworm Screw can be used with these jaws
  • 2-year warranty

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