NOVA 100mm (4") JAW Set

NOVA 100mm (4") JAW Set
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The 100mm jaw sets are designed for an expanded dovetail grip (up to 14" dia), reverse dovetail grip for gripping footed bowls, limited spigot facility (up to 6" long) and provision to mount false wooden jaws, so customised jaws can be made for special purposes. They are made for a larger range of work than the standard 50mm jaws or Step Jaws.

Key Features of All NOVATM Chuck Accessories:

  • System compatibility - Jaw fixing profile is compatible across all NOVA Chucks and accessories.
  • Special Wood Turning Dovetail Profile - especially designed by Wood Turners so that the jaws will cut into the wood, grip firmly in the contraction mode and provide high tear out strength.
  • 2-Year Warranty

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