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NOVA Cole Jaw set
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 Available from November, call to pre-order today!  

NEW! 12"/304mm Cole Jaws 

Be the first to own these jaws! Available in October 2015. Pre order now to secure your set! 

The NOVA 6040 Large Cole Jaw Set has 12 inch/304mm bowl diameter capacity.  This is one of the most popular of all the NOVA chuck accessory jaws and is now in a new larger size of 12 inches.  

Its an accessory for NOVA Chucks, designed to expand your range and capacity of your standard NOVA Chuck for specific projects and applications. Universally fits to any NOVA Chuck* for maximum flexiblity, saving money as duplicate accessories are not needed for different NOVA Chucks.

The NOVA 6040 Large Cole Jaw Set is a versatile set, designed for the re-chucking of bowls to remove chuck marks, add decoration or to re-shape the bottoms of bowls that have already been turned. Other NOVA Accessory jaw sets can be added to the Cole Jaws making a combination jaw facility - expanding dovetail facility for mounting bowls/platters and a reverse dovetail for mounting footed bowls/platters.

These jaws have many advantages over traditional vacuum chucking.

Suitable for lathes with a minimum 16" swing diameter. Diecast aluminium with pre-set holes, for precise closing, durability and long life. Comes with 4 jaw segments, special fasteners, standard rubber bumpers and instructions. Additional accessory bumpers are available.  

This set has a unique feature which enables you to add a NOVA Cole Jaw Extension Kit 6039 and take the capacity from up to 12"/304mm through to 15"/381mm (additional purchase) Note the other NOVA Cole Jaws in the range, the Standard 10" JSCOLE and Mini 8" 6006 Cole Jaws cannot accept the extension feature.

Designed by Teknatool International, innovating since 1955. Backed by a full replacement 6-year warranty on all parts.  Call our customer service center on 727-954-3433. 

Key Features of All NOVATM Chuck Accessories:

  • System compatibility - Jaw fixing profile is compatible across all NOVA Chucks and accessories.
  • Special Wood Turning Dovetail Profile - especially designed by Wood Turners so that the jaws will cut into the wood, grip firmly in the contraction mode and provide high tear out strength.
  • NEW 6-Year Warranty

Tips n' Tricks!

While traditionally these type of jaws are used in the compression mode - depending on the bowl shape, the jaws can be used to grip in either the contracting or expanding mode.

To ensure best grip, the bowl should have a positive or negative flair towards the edge of the bowl.

Try and avoid straight sided bowls where the grip will be less efficient. Best cutting technique is to have a cutting action with the chisel such that much of the force is directed towards the headstock, not across the face.

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