NEW! DVR™ 1624 Package Drive Upgrade Motor

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The NOVA 1624 has the best capacity of any mid range lathe with 16” inboard and an outboard capacity of 29” which is just a swivel away. Now get the best out of your Nova 1624 by adding our renowned DVR Intelligent Variable Speed Drive.

Fits onto your existing NOVA 1624 Lathe quickly and simply 

For more on this product, including brochures and manual, see HERE 

Simple to retro-fit, the DVR 1624 lathe package drive upgrade motor gives you all the power and control of the DVR to your existing NOVA 1624 lathe. It's a simple, easy to fit bolt on intelligent motor. All the existing functions that you know and love from your 1624 lathe such as the full swivel headstock, still feature on your new upgrade. Plus all your existing NOVA accessories such as NOVA Chucks, centers, bed extensions and outriggers will still fit your lathe once you add the DVR 1624 Package Drive Upgrade. 

The DVRTM 1624 Package Drive Upgrade features intelligent ADAPTIVE CONTROL™ software that works for the turner to produce optimum turning conditions for your specific projects.

Easy to fit to your NOVA 1624 Lathe - swap out your old AC motor to the DVR using your same motor pulley and flange.

Easy set up and use - No need for belt changes. Only one belt position required for full DVR variable speed from 100rpm to 5500rpm, including 5 custom pre set speeds for your project roughing to finishing.


This upgrade gives you the following DVR Features & Benefits to your NOVA 1624 Lathe:

  • Intelligent Control

Easy to operate, the DVRTM  motor transforms your NOVA 1624 into a SMART lathe, using Adaptive Control™ Software. The intelligent computerised control assists you with your turning, for instance, measuring the weight of the workpiece and adjusting the performance accordingly, the ability to sense faults in the set up and advise, sense safety issues such as chisel dig ins and spindle lock, and instantly shuts down power to the spindle. 

  • High Torque Power

Instant power when you need it. With it’s 1.75/115v high torque motor, exceptional structural strength and smart design, it’s not only easy to convert to outrigger work for larger bowls and to extend spindle capacity with add on beds, but the lathe has the power and capacity to handle it with ease.

  • Faster, more efficient turning

DVRTM 1624 Package Drive Upgrade delivers incredible turning smoothness. With a computer that automatically adjusts performance and solid cast iron construction, the DVRTM Upgrade is one smooth operator. This delivers the ability to turn faster and more efficiently and cuts down on sanding time. The 5 FAVOURITE SPEEDS function also enables you to preselect your most used speeds, finishing your project faster.

  • Plug n’ Play

Easy to use, push button electronic variable speed with forward and reverse.

  • Safety Sensing

Computer control instantly cuts power to the spindle if it senses a chisel dig in, or if the spindle lock is on when wanting to turn the spindle.

  • Power Saving

Smart computer controlled motor only draws as much power as it needs for the project being worked on.  The DVR motor can save up to 80% energy and emissions over conventional motors. Click HERE for more information.

  • Variable speed 100-5500rpm

  • Low Maintenance

  • Industrial Grade Electronics
  • Can use the world first NOVA wireless remote control (optional extra) for convenient stop, start, speed functions when turning larger work away from the motor mounted controls. 

Speeds - 100-5500
Motor - DVR High Torque 1.75HP - 115 single phase. 15amp supply. 220v compatible. 
Warranty - 2-Year Full Replacement.
Forward and reverse motor function 
Fits all NOVA 1624 Lathes.
Other lathes may be able to be upgraded also - TBC  

Standard Equipment:

DVR motor
Instruction Manual


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